Legacy Bakers

Legacy Bakers is a home based business that sells gourmet biscotti and specialty baked goods at local open-air farmer’s markets. We have been offering our baked goods since 2012 and been at the Monroe Farmer’s Market since 2016.
We offer biscotti, loaf cakes, pound cakes, cream cheese butter pastries, soft granola triangles, macaroons, and egg bread rolls.
We only use quality ingredients that are all natural and include no preservatives.
We have created over 100 varieties of biscotti, 40 varieties of loaf cakes, 50 varieties of pound cakes, 12 varieties of cream cheese butter pastries, 12 varieties of granola triangles, 12 varieties of macaroons.
We have several mottoes:
“Educate the World, Biscotti is NOT Hard”
“We offer quality baked goods at a reasonable price, and attempt to exceed our patron’s expectations”
“We strive to make a difference in lots of people’s lives, one bite at a time”

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